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The Memorial Community Church meets and worships in the heart of the London Borough of Newham

Here you will meet people of different generations and cultures who are united as a Christian family through Jesus Christ.

Through the many different initiatives and partnerships we share in we seek to fulfil our vision of Celebrating Community, Loving Lives and Empowering Change.

You are welcome to come and visit us and discover more about the way faith and action go hand in hand as we follow Jesus Christ.

A Prayerful Reflection from Transform Newham

Every life matters

  • Life is a precious gift from God, and he cares about all of creation - He knows when even sparrows fall and cares about the flowers of the field.
  • In the world, health services are going to have to prioritise who gets care, which ‘important’ people are ‘secured’ etc. and whilst understandable, in God’s eyes, everyone is important.
  • Death was never part of His plan, but we live in a broken world, which thankfully He has not abandoned
  • Praise God for the great minds He has given us, especially in medicine, science, and the deep desire to care and make things better - these are reflections of Him.

 God understands suffering

  • The cross speaks of a God who knows pain, suffering and loss – He hasn’t left us alone, but entered into our broken world and is there for those who lose friends and family.
  • The Psalms, Job etc show us that God can handle people crying out to him in pain. Although in the west we may not do grief well, God can help us as He cares.

 How should we deal with reactions in a Kingdom counter-cultural way?

  • Panic – we can help people not to worry, first by not worrying or panic-buying ourselves and also bringing peace to people
  • Fear – perfect love is the answer to fear and we should be people of love
  • Blaming others – some have called this a Chinese virus. It’s easy to blame others, but maybe we can go out of our way to buy from those who are being blamed.
  • Despair - we are people of hope and can offer that to others.
  • Out of Control – Western society has tended to think that everything can be controlled through science, technology etc. and when things go wrong, people are shaken and we don’t do grief well. Our ultimate trust is not in these things, but in Jesus
  • Our Action: Who are the most needy in our community? What will they need? How will we know? How can we help? What risks are we prepared to take? Who can we partner with for more effective work? What prayers of healing and blessing can we use?
  • A Prayer in the Time of the Coronavirus  Almighty and All-loving God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,we pray to you through Christ the Healer for those who suffer from the Coronavirus Covid-19 in [Ireland] and across the world.

We pray too for all who reach out to those who mourn the loss of each and every person who has died as a result of contracting the disease.
Give wisdom to policymakers, skill to healthcare professionals and researchers, comfort to everyone in distress and a sense of calm to us all in these days of uncertainty and distress.
This we ask in the name Of Jesus Christ our Lord who showed compassion to the outcast, acceptance to the rejected and love to those to whom no love was shown.     Amen.





During the current Corona Virus pandemic we are following Baptist Union guidelines and suspending meeting for services and other activities.

However we are working at staying in touch with all our members, this is an opportunity for us to prayerfully support each other.  We have weekly Zoom services, and a range of other activities by Zoom during the week.  To contact us or to join in any of these activities please either email secretary@memorialcc.org.uk or phone 7474 6603 020 (this will be a voicemail which is regularly checked).

Monday  4-5pm.  

Afternoon Tea, Chat & Pray - Julia Acott.


Tuesday   12-12.30  

Fun and Fitness with Hayden


Wednesday  7:30-9pm  

Bible Study - John and Doro Brittain


Sunday 10.30am All age Worship service

God be with you



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